«_Ănøther_Høi_Jøurńal_» (sirena_di_mare) wrote in mare_di_memoria,

I have pasted all the characters that I have made so far for the 360º though I think I am going to have to put more characters in behind her to stretch it out a little more without making it look to empty >.> so expect more characters added to the character floor map erica made.

I am still waiting for the scanned copy of Daryl's drawing to add to this, but these are the characters so far, I am wanting to also test it out in monkey jam or something but I will see how far I can actually get with this :P

Annoyingly Photobucket has shrunk the image from the original size, but you should get the general idea, I will add the final thing to our 'Venice Team' folder later though :P

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