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mare_di_memoria's Journal

Mare di Memoria -a Colette Alexandratos Production
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Mare Di Memoria

Welcome to the community for the short animated film production, Mare di Memoria! This site was launched the 13th of June 2006, in preparation for this film to be made by June 2007. This production is being made with the help of the Arts Institute of Bournemouth, and will be a 2 minute short 2D experimental animation as the graduation film of several BA (hons) Animation Production students, along with a few other crew members. This production is due to be completed for June 2007, and Mare di Memoria is only a trial title before the final one is selected. Hope you enjoy learning more about it as the year progresses!
The Crew
The members currently working on this production are as follows (this list is subject to change):

- Colette Alexandratos (cooly_a)- Director and Animator

- Tom Saville ♥ (tom_saville)- Editor and Sound Designer

- Natasha Dancy (sirena_di_mare)- Animator and Assistant Director

- Erica Wright (tintedtwilight)- Animator and Producer

- Abigail Lucero (dianas_ambrosia)- Animator

- Lydia Adamson (lydia_adamson) - Animator and Background Artist

- Daryl Turner - Animator and Background Artist

- Charlene Haywood (oryx_gazella)- Animator
This short film is the story of one young girl, drawn to a masked carnaval in Venice by the memory of a lost love, searching amongst the crowd for the stranger she's lost. It explores various medium, in an expressive, emotional style that conveys the feelings of the character, as well as the viewer, as we all know the feeling of searching for something, feeling incomplete without it.
Community Information
Unfortunately this community is closed to the public, and only persons directly involved in the production may join, however, feel free to friend it and to visit as often as you like, as we shall update with posters, production stills, and many more teasers along the way!

Thank you for your interest in this production, and look forward to it in 2007!~
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This community is moderated by tintedtwilight and sirena_di_mare, and all work posted unless specifically stated is copyright Arts Institute of Bournemouth, do not attempt to steal or reproduce this work in any way without our permission. Contact one of us if you wish to use it anywhere else.