Monochrome Butterfly (tintedtwilight) wrote in mare_di_memoria,
Monochrome Butterfly

The Story of the Dolphin and the Banana

This is just a story of a banana that was walking down the road with a dolphin. 'Did you see the journal entry of the film?' asked the dolphin. 'We made a journal so everyone will stay up to date, and to contact each other there.'
The dolphin smiled, the banana kept walking, silent.
So they continued down the street.
'How many times now have we told you about the website?' asked the dolphin to the banana. The banana hung its head and didn't reply.
'Many times have we talked about the journal, and many times have we talked about all the media we keep on the server. Have people been using them? Have people been complaining that they don't have the right colors, photos, images and information? It's all there on the server, and you can ask and research using the website,' the dolphin said.
The banana pretended not to hear and walked on.
'Well, if no one will use the website then,' the dolphin said, 'it's their fault they don't have what they need, and they don't ask for it.'
'If people don't use the server at uni, or come in to work,' the dolphin said again, 'it's their fault they don't use what's there, and their responsibility to work for it.'
The banana stopped a moment, paused almost as if it was listening, then continued walking on.
'Well, then we have a lot of slackers on this film,' the dolphin reflected, 'perhaps we should squish them like a banana.'

The banana stopped, turned to look at the dolphin, then realized too late its demise. It was too late for it to say sorry, to catch up, to act like it wanted to work hard. Lo and behold, the banana was squished, and it remained stuck on that part of the sidewalk for the rest of time. The dolphin continued happily onwards in life.

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