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Friday Meeting and to-do list

First off an update of what has gone on so far since the last Journal entry made...

Most the shots have been animated apart from the rostrum camera and also about one carnaval shot which is currently in progress. For the Friday meeting Tom and myself managed to pull together what animation had been done and put it to the timing of the animatic, though unfortunately some of the scenes run a little short, all it needs is some more in-betweens as they are too fast or don't run on long enough...

Here is a shot list of the ones that need extra animation in them:

- Shot 1 ~ Needs to be a slower walk, perhaps add a pause at the beginning then more of a pause at the end before she turns around to look at the seagull who called.

- Shot 4 ~ Needs more in-betweens as it is animated slightly too fast.

- Shot 10 ~ Needs to be sliiiightly longer, having her interacting with the crowd a little more perhaps, it doesn't have to be too much longer though.

- Shot 16-17 ~ Needs to have more inbetweens, the animation is fine it just needs to be slightly slower.

- Shot 22 ~ There needs to be a longer pause at the beginning. We can just put the pigeons on repeat perhaps?

Other changes that have been in discussion is with the birds-eye view (Shot 11) as it is too long, though I will be talking to Tom about camera angles and whether we should alter it or not.

We also must think about animating the crowd, it only needs to be suttle animations and shouldn't take us too long, but it should make the animation more alive~

Shots that needs crowd animation are in:

- Shot 11 (Birds eye)
- Shot 12 (Worms eye)
- Shot 13 (When the Pantalone morphs)

Which leads me onto what was said in the Friday meeting:

We need to think about animating small details in the background apart from the crowd to create a more visually interesting image on screen. We also need to heavily consider the composition of the girl with the background and also the other characters around her. It was debated today whether or not we should reflect the colours of the glow from the crowd characters onto the girl so that she looks like she is interacting with them more then just appearing like she has been stuck on.

And also waiting for the backgrounds to be completed, we are needing to put some of the completed animation (coloured and rendered) onto it and see how one effects the other as well as looking into how confusing the final animation will look.


All animation must be completed by the 14th Feb (Next Weds). Though we will consider another deadline for the tweeking of the animation. As long as we have the main chunk of animation completed, that is one weight off our shoulder. We will be tweeking and doing clean-up at the same time so we wont lag behind on anything.

Erica will be working on the colours for the girl and trying to fit her in with the other characters, and also working on toomboom as you should all know.

Abby is working on thumbnails and colours for the background as well as completing animation. (You will need to also add more inbetweens to some of your shots)

Darly is completing the paintings of the backgrounds. He is half-way through the 360* and will be sending it to Colette soon.

Charlene is completing animation, (Perhaps can also help with crowd animation soon) and going to help out with clean-up of the crowd characters.

Colette is working on animation and also rendering styles, and will be working on clean-up of the crowd characters and also the girl.

is sorting out editing and will also be talking to our composer once we recieve a demo from him and agree for him to do the job.

is working on backgrounds and once the rostrum camera is fixed, will be completing the animation of the beach.

And I will be fininishing off animation as well as cleanup and working on crowd animation also.

Hope everyone understands what is going on with the animation :P if anyone has any questions please feel free to get in contact (Leave a comment or something) and I (or who ever has the answer) will get back to you about it ^^

Another thing, if anyone wants an updated animatic, get in contact with me and I will send it to you, it would probably help with timing for getting extra animation into your shots if they need to be lengthened.
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