Monochrome Butterfly (tintedtwilight) wrote in mare_di_memoria,
Monochrome Butterfly

Toonboom stuff

Ok, just an update on all of the toonboom lectures stuff I've been doing. It appears to be a very good software for importing and scanning all of our linetests, and I think we can also do all of our coloring in it too. It's a program that is a little confusing about importing images from other sources, but it can do it. Maybe once I can get other people in our group in here, we can try to scan in a cleaned up linetest of the girl, and experiment with coloring her in this program. It would be much easier I think if we could find a way to do that, instead of doing every single frame of her in Photoshop.
I'm not exactly sure if that would work, but it could save us time if we could do it. Anyways, same goes for Antonio. I'm not sure how he will be rendered but I think it's worth experimenting in Photoshop. But first, we should clean up any and all linetests we have of these two characters. The scanner won't pick up blue line.

So I think we should experiment, and we need to clean up all the linetests, especially of the girl and guy.
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