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I have done some rough production stills using abby's digitally rendered version of Daryl's drawing and a digitally rendered version of the characters I sketched for the 360 turn....

This is only temparary but just gives us a basic idea of what the final one should look like, if you want it any different now is the time to say before we finalize anything and finish it off...I will render the characters in ink then colour digitally once I get a hold of some china paint brushes, I tried finding some today but failed :( no where seems to sell them anymore!

Anyhow, here they are, feel free to suggest anything~

First one is with all characters in focus, and using the misted background~

Second is using the misted background and some of the characters out of focus to try add more depth~

Third is all characters in focus and using the non-misted background~

The fourth, I have lightened the characterss, added more glow and used the non-misted background~

Now thist one is the same as the fourth, apart from I blurred the background where the characters are, distorting it to make them stand out a little more...~

Blurred the background!

Without mist~

With mist~

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