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The Story of the Dolphin and the Banana [05 Mar 2007|01:48pm]

This is just a story of a banana that was walking down the road with a dolphin. 'Did you see the journal entry of the film?' asked the dolphin. 'We made a journal so everyone will stay up to date, and to contact each other there.'
The dolphin smiled, the banana kept walking, silent.
So they continued down the street.
'How many times now have we told you about the website?' asked the dolphin to the banana. The banana hung its head and didn't reply.
'Many times have we talked about the journal, and many times have we talked about all the media we keep on the server. Have people been using them? Have people been complaining that they don't have the right colors, photos, images and information? It's all there on the server, and you can ask and research using the website,' the dolphin said.
The banana pretended not to hear and walked on.
'Well, if no one will use the website then,' the dolphin said, 'it's their fault they don't have what they need, and they don't ask for it.'
'If people don't use the server at uni, or come in to work,' the dolphin said again, 'it's their fault they don't use what's there, and their responsibility to work for it.'
The banana stopped a moment, paused almost as if it was listening, then continued walking on.
'Well, then we have a lot of slackers on this film,' the dolphin reflected, 'perhaps we should squish them like a banana.'

The banana stopped, turned to look at the dolphin, then realized too late its demise. It was too late for it to say sorry, to catch up, to act like it wanted to work hard. Lo and behold, the banana was squished, and it remained stuck on that part of the sidewalk for the rest of time. The dolphin continued happily onwards in life.

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[13 Feb 2007|10:19am]

Here are some images that can be used as references for the carnival backgrounds!

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Friday Meeting and to-do list [09 Feb 2007|04:39pm]

First off an update of what has gone on so far since the last Journal entry made...

Most the shots have been animated apart from the rostrum camera and also about one carnaval shot which is currently in progress. For the Friday meeting Tom and myself managed to pull together what animation had been done and put it to the timing of the animatic, though unfortunately some of the scenes run a little short, all it needs is some more in-betweens as they are too fast or don't run on long enough...

Here is a shot list of the ones that need extra animation in them:

- Shot 1 ~ Needs to be a slower walk, perhaps add a pause at the beginning then more of a pause at the end before she turns around to look at the seagull who called.

- Shot 4 ~ Needs more in-betweens as it is animated slightly too fast.

- Shot 10 ~ Needs to be sliiiightly longer, having her interacting with the crowd a little more perhaps, it doesn't have to be too much longer though.

- Shot 16-17 ~ Needs to have more inbetweens, the animation is fine it just needs to be slightly slower.

- Shot 22 ~ There needs to be a longer pause at the beginning. We can just put the pigeons on repeat perhaps?

Other changes that have been in discussion is with the birds-eye view (Shot 11) as it is too long, though I will be talking to Tom about camera angles and whether we should alter it or not.

We also must think about animating the crowd, it only needs to be suttle animations and shouldn't take us too long, but it should make the animation more alive~

Shots that needs crowd animation are in:

- Shot 11 (Birds eye)
- Shot 12 (Worms eye)
- Shot 13 (When the Pantalone morphs)

Which leads me onto what was said in the Friday meeting:

We need to think about animating small details in the background apart from the crowd to create a more visually interesting image on screen. We also need to heavily consider the composition of the girl with the background and also the other characters around her. It was debated today whether or not we should reflect the colours of the glow from the crowd characters onto the girl so that she looks like she is interacting with them more then just appearing like she has been stuck on.

And also waiting for the backgrounds to be completed, we are needing to put some of the completed animation (coloured and rendered) onto it and see how one effects the other as well as looking into how confusing the final animation will look.


All animation must be completed by the 14th Feb (Next Weds). Though we will consider another deadline for the tweeking of the animation. As long as we have the main chunk of animation completed, that is one weight off our shoulder. We will be tweeking and doing clean-up at the same time so we wont lag behind on anything.

Erica will be working on the colours for the girl and trying to fit her in with the other characters, and also working on toomboom as you should all know.

Abby is working on thumbnails and colours for the background as well as completing animation. (You will need to also add more inbetweens to some of your shots)

Darly is completing the paintings of the backgrounds. He is half-way through the 360* and will be sending it to Colette soon.

Charlene is completing animation, (Perhaps can also help with crowd animation soon) and going to help out with clean-up of the crowd characters.

Colette is working on animation and also rendering styles, and will be working on clean-up of the crowd characters and also the girl.

is sorting out editing and will also be talking to our composer once we recieve a demo from him and agree for him to do the job.

is working on backgrounds and once the rostrum camera is fixed, will be completing the animation of the beach.

And I will be fininishing off animation as well as cleanup and working on crowd animation also.

Hope everyone understands what is going on with the animation :P if anyone has any questions please feel free to get in contact (Leave a comment or something) and I (or who ever has the answer) will get back to you about it ^^

Another thing, if anyone wants an updated animatic, get in contact with me and I will send it to you, it would probably help with timing for getting extra animation into your shots if they need to be lengthened.
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Update [30 Jan 2007|09:59pm]

Here's an update on all the information about each of our roles and expectations that Colette had discussed with us during the meeting on the 29th Jan

I have also included deadline dates~

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360 thumbs variations [23 Jan 2007|09:53pm]

right guys,
here are some variations of lil thumbs of the whole 360 image.
check it out and leme know whatchu think!!

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360 WIP thumbs [23 Jan 2007|02:14pm]

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Toonboom stuff [23 Jan 2007|09:37am]

Ok, just an update on all of the toonboom lectures stuff I've been doing. It appears to be a very good software for importing and scanning all of our linetests, and I think we can also do all of our coloring in it too. It's a program that is a little confusing about importing images from other sources, but it can do it. Maybe once I can get other people in our group in here, we can try to scan in a cleaned up linetest of the girl, and experiment with coloring her in this program. It would be much easier I think if we could find a way to do that, instead of doing every single frame of her in Photoshop.
I'm not exactly sure if that would work, but it could save us time if we could do it. Anyways, same goes for Antonio. I'm not sure how he will be rendered but I think it's worth experimenting in Photoshop. But first, we should clean up any and all linetests we have of these two characters. The scanner won't pick up blue line.

So I think we should experiment, and we need to clean up all the linetests, especially of the girl and guy.
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[22 Jan 2007|10:14am]

Something by colette!

Watercolours of the characters, we need to focus more on the male main character as all our focus has been on the girl :P!!!

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[20 Jan 2007|04:51pm]

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[19 Jan 2007|07:37pm]

Another update of scenes in progression and what is complete...

If I have missed anything out please say so in a comment and I will fix it :)

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[19 Jan 2007|05:48pm]


I have done some rough production stills using abby's digitally rendered version of Daryl's drawing and a digitally rendered version of the characters I sketched for the 360 turn....

This is only temparary but just gives us a basic idea of what the final one should look like, if you want it any different now is the time to say before we finalize anything and finish it off...I will render the characters in ink then colour digitally once I get a hold of some china paint brushes, I tried finding some today but failed :( no where seems to sell them anymore!

Anyhow, here they are, feel free to suggest anything~

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[19 Jan 2007|02:48pm]

I couldn't find any of the china paint brushes, but I did try to get a similar effect from photoshop...

Here I have been testing out how we could keep it appearing 3d but still simple~

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WIP for 360 background [19 Jan 2007|12:23pm]

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360 test [18 Jan 2007|09:34am]

I just did a rough test last night combining tasha's sketch and Daryl's to get an idea. It needs more work, but I just wanted to try it out.

Image hereCollapse )
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[17 Jan 2007|03:01pm]

I did some various production stills just to give an idea of what it could look like with the girl included, just looking at different styles, I used Abby's backgound, Colette's background characters and my girl renders D:!!!

See what you guys think about it~

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[17 Jan 2007|02:33pm]

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[17 Jan 2007|02:24pm]

I have pasted all the characters that I have made so far for the 360º though I think I am going to have to put more characters in behind her to stretch it out a little more without making it look to empty >.> so expect more characters added to the character floor map erica made.

I am still waiting for the scanned copy of Daryl's drawing to add to this, but these are the characters so far, I am wanting to also test it out in monkey jam or something but I will see how far I can actually get with this :P

Annoyingly Photobucket has shrunk the image from the original size, but you should get the general idea, I will add the final thing to our 'Venice Team' folder later though :P

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[12 Jan 2007|03:34pm]

I have tested out a few different looks for the girl, just to get an idea....

Eri I still didnt get ur email D: for some reason it doesnt seem to like me very much today ;_;

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[11 Jan 2007|11:41pm]

Okay, just a quick update on what's going on, I have a table here with the scenes that have been done, haven't been completed and others that are in the process of being finished...

The shot list is included if you need to know what is what...

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More pictures [06 Jan 2007|06:00pm]

Hey guys hope you have all had a great holiday, merry christmas and a happy new year!

I have some stuff I have been meaning to put up here, but it has been hetic atm so not had much chance to do anything :/ 

anyhow here it is, hope it gives you an idea of what we are wanting, for the beach scene we want something similar if not exactly the same to this effect, colette and myself have had a meeting nearer to the beginnning of the holiday and came up with this production still, I made a second one also just to do another angle and such...

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